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The majority of securities are traded on the ______.

A. OTC Market
Correct Answer: A

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sarath OTC market - NASDAQ..
o123 volume wise - OTC
Value wise - Exchange
johntan1979 Is NASDAQ still considered an OTC? Is the OTC market still largest by volume, even with NASDAQ no longer considered an OTC?
ascruggs92 NASDAQ is not an OTC market. OTC stands for "over the counter" meaning the shares listed on or regulated by an exchange
Inaganti6 shut up Sarath
NBlanco OTC market is the largest because bonds are traded OTC on the secondary market. The global credit market in aggregate is about 3 times the size of the global equities market.
Inaganti6 These indian guys think they know everything
sshetty2 ^^^ it's too bad your people don't know squat apparently, or else your comment would actually be meaningful
pigletin theres no why, its a fact, just remember it
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