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Which of the following are desirable properties of estimators?

I. unbiased
II. consistent
III. complete
IV. efficient

A. All but II
B. All but I
C. None of these choices
Correct Answer: C

An estimator is a formula used to compute sample statistics. An estimator should be unbiased, efficient, and consistent.

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wulin I,II,IV
EminYus Tricked me
johntan1979 Use the acronym CUE.
PJMOHAN I didnt understand the q..the answer actually!!
PJMOHAN Oh Ok i got it...very clever
tybe0012 We're here to study, not disect the question. these trick questions are getting a little out of hand.
ashish100 tybe0012 stop your whining.

these are helping us all and AN is so much better than most material out there
maryprz14 haha... it's like a little IQ question once a while. A good break I think.
CJHughes Questions that are designed to steal points. Answer 'C' means that answer 'A' and 'B' are incorrect. However, extremely easy and in my opinion logical to conclude that answer 'C' suggests that neither i, ii, iii or iv are correct based on how answer 'C' is worded. One thing to have to commit and recall from memory, another to have to recognise deliberate (or maybe just poorly designed) attempts designed to confuse and frustrate you in the process.
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