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The following is not among the steps involved in the Monte Carlo method:

A. Modeling the project
B. Specifying the numbers on the roulette wheel
C. Specifying probabilities
D. Simulating the cash flows
Correct Answer: B

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sarath No idea what is this roulette wheel ??
antarctica the NPV values of each combination of input factors i guess
NufaNka It's a joke because Monte Carlo is also a casino.
Masterkang I am astonished that it took you one month to get the joke
Nightsurfer Obviously, we're all stressed. The good people at AnalystNotes recognize our need to calm down.
mchu I like their jokes. Really made me laugh sometimes.
REITboy Oh yeah... they're downright knee-slapping, rolling-on-the-floor, messing my pants funny.
sogah haha very funny
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