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Which is (are) NOT defined as barriers to entry?

I. Patents
II. Monopolies
III. Government licensing
IV. Economies of scale
V. Market forces
VI. Defects
A. I, II and V
B. II, V and VI
C. III, IV and V
Explanation: Barriers to entry limit the ability of new firms to compete in the industry. Of the above, only patents, government licensing, and economies of scale fit this description.

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chamad Defects?
dan1987 My thought exactly chamad, I think it is reference to products. In which case this is actually an opportunity for companies to enter the market and therefore not a barrier
Mariana80 How can a monopoly not be a barrier to entry?
jnptrsn1 A pre existing monopoly could lower costs below the average total costs in the short term to dissuade any new firms from forming and being sustainable/profitable.
alles According to the curriculum, a monopoly has high barriers to entry. Maybe it's not the monopoly per se that is "defined" as a barrier to entry. But it "has" barriers to entry. I only got this question right because I knew that V and VI would have to be included in the answer.
rizkyafian monopoli has barrier to entry
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