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You have a nest egg of $750. In order for your money to grow to $1,343.10, it must be invested at 6% for how many years?
A. 11
B. 10
C. 9
Explanation: Years = Log(1343.10/750)/Log(1.06) = 10

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chamad BAII : 1343.1FV 750PV 6I CPT N=10
Criticull i got an error 5 when i tried that chamad...I'll check the manual.
jpducros error 5 is linked to a sign have to enter either PV or FV with an opposite sign.
shiva5555 FV should be negative
thekobe think it this way: we need a factor of 1.79 yrs since 750(1.06)^n=1343.1, so simply evaluate the three options in order to identify the right one, 1.06^10=1.79
asalonga7 BAII Plus

FV 1343.10
PV -750
I/Y 6
CPT N = 9.99 = 10
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