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Albert is taking a 10-item multiple-choice test (4 choices per item) and randomly guessing on each item. How many items should he expect to get correct?

A. 2.5
B. 3
C. 2
Correct Answer: A

This is a binomial situation. The independent trials of the same act guessed at are item-N = 10. Each trial has exactly 2 outcomes (get item correct, get item incorrect); p, the probability of success, is 1/4. So, let random variable x count the number of items Albert gets correct and x be a random variable from a binomial experiment with N = 10 and p = 0.25. The expected value of x (the expected number of correct items) is the mean, m = Np. Here, m = (10)(0.25) = 2.5. So, Albert should expect to get 2.5 items correct.

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srinitest123 since the sample size is discrete 1 through 10 though the probalibility is 2.5, number of items need to be either 2 or 3, am i correct?
bahodir Yeah, if he is taking the test once. But taking a test for many times gives a mean of 2.5
bobert Also, it says how many should he EXPECT. That means that it is not an exact number. Expected values are nothing more than means.
TammTamm I guessed at this one too. 10/4=2.5 Quant is not a strong area for me.
salmum in the same way , the items expected to clear cfa level 1 with random guessing would be - .333*240=79.92 ,, :p
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