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You are considering a portfolio only of long positions not involving leverage and have the following information:

Stock | Expected Return | Variance | Correlation

1 | 15% | 100 | R1,2 = 0.6
2 | 18% | 64 | R1,3 = 0.2
3 | 24% | 400 | R2,3 = -1.0

Consider a portfolio consisting of only Stock 2 and 3. Choose the correct statement:
A. With weights of 0.5 in each stock, the risk of the portfolio will necessarily be reduced to zero because of the -1.0 correlation coefficient.
B. The standard deviation of this portfolio could be larger than 20%.
C. The risk of this portfolio could be zero under the right circumstances.
Explanation: Given the -1.0 correlation between the two securities, the risk of this portfolio could be zero if the correct amount were invested in each.

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jejasin This is a hard one...I notice now that the -1 correlation is between 2 and 3, but I was thrown off because stock 2's correlation is between 1 and 2. Adding that 3rd stock made me question myself more.
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