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A student's score on the ACT test would be what level of measurement?

A. ordinal
B. interval
C. ratio
Correct Answer: B

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yanpz What is a ACT test?
limpus Being from Australia, I am unsure what the ACT Test is, however, with a normal test there is a true zero point. Hence this would make it Ratio.
faith the ACT test give scores in percentiles so it is more likely to be interval
Guerra How do foreingners should know that? I believe it´s ratio once you have the score and the number of questions.
ramborob The score is INTERVAL as you have nothing to compare it with, you can simply compare it with the scoring range. If it was a sample of students scores, it would be a RATIO.
RichWang ACT score ranges from 1 (low) to 36 (high).
So it is not ratio.
madhi It's not a RATIO since you can't get a ZERO on a SAT exam
studyprep you dont need to know about the nature of the test. use your mind. many thousands write the test. it is impossible (or should i say worthless) to declare each and every individual students score with their student ids. Also how would you find the rank you would have compare to others. Remember short form for ratio.. Ratios are used (mostly) when you can easily (using your bare mind) compare each category score with the rest of the sample or the small population.
MFTIOA ^ what if they are not ranked? what if it's based on 4 total problems, if I got all 4 right I did twice as well as someone who got 2 questions right...
riouxcf MFTIOA you are correct, but this is the ACT. And the scores are based on a scale of 1-30... not on the number of questions correct. You cannot say someone with a 30 did twice as well as someone with a 15.
8thlegend Dont you get like free 200 points for just writing your name down in ACT? making it impossible to to get a zero? unless you misspell your name.
laotching the difference between a 22 and a 20 is not the same as the difference between a 12 and a 10. this is because the ACT uses "scaled scores," basically converting raw questions correct/incorrect into a metric that can be compared between different years and the incidental difference biases.
VikramJ I answered Ordinal, knowing that the test is standardized/scaled like laotching said. Without an equal difference between each number, it can't be Interval...
hmichta Stupid question when you don't know what an ACT test is imho...
ybavly I agree with laotching and VikramJ

The correct answer should be ordinal

However, you do need to know what the ACT is... (which I do even though I am from Canada ;)
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