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The P/CF ratio is negatively related to ______.

I. dividend payout ratio
II. future growth rate of cash flows
III. required rate of return
Correct Answer: III only

P/CF = (1 + g) / (r - g). Note that g is the expected growth rates of future cash flows.

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guipo g = RR X ROE with RR = 1 - PO so I would say that as P/CF is positively related to g and g is negativeley related to PO then P/CF is negatively related to PO...

NIKKIZ Guipo - that's what I thought too...
davidt876 completely agree guipo. even the P/E formula from earlier:
P0/E0 = (1-b)(1+g)/(r-g)

where b is retention ratio... suggests P/E has a positive relationship with the payout ratio - but that makes 0 sense when you consider the knock on effect on growth.

it can maybe impact the short term P/E, where income hungry investors bid up a stock's price on news of a 'higher than expected' payout.. but then on the XD the value of the distribution should drop right back out of the price.

i personally think these equations are a load of it. the notes even mention that they fail in empirical tests
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