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How many license plates are possible if each consists of three letters followed by three digits? Repetition is permitted.

A. 108
B. 12,812,904
C. 17,576,000
Correct Answer: C

26 x 26 x 26 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 17,576,000

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Will1868 26^3*10^3=17,576,000
stevelaz can someone please explain this?
stevelaz Got It...26 letters and 10 numbers (0-9 inc)
chamad I thought the permutation rule applies : 3P26(for letters) * 3P9(For numbers)?!
chamad They applied the combination formula. Why not the permutation? I think the order does matter for Licence plates. Does'nt it?
got2pass the question specifically states that the order be letters for the first three, and then numbers for the last three digits
vinooka You have six slots to fill - - - - - -

The first slot can be filled by a one of 26 letters - so 26 ways.
Second slot again can be filled in 26 different ways (since repetition is allowed...otherwise it's only 25)
similarly, third - 26, Fourth - 10, Fifth - 10, Sixth - 10

vinooka if repetition is not allowed, then the answer would be - 26x25x24x10x9x8 = 11232000
tshepi how did you get 26?
Nomni 26 alphabet letters and 10 number
ashish100 what if english isn't your first language? how's a candidate expected to know how many letters in the english alphabet!
renataa ive never even counted the letters in the alphabet of my mother language....
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