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A cumulative frequency distribution of days absent during a calendar year by employees of a manufacturing company is shown below.

How many employees were absent fewer than six days?
A. 46
B. 60
C. 91
Explanation: This is the difference between the cumulative numbers for the 0-2 group and the 6-8 group (60 - 14 = 46). There are 46 people between those two groups and they were absent fewer than six days.

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stevelaz I jumped in and just added the 60+31 = 91...that will teach me to read the said Cumulative !...doh
surob The best way to deal with this kind of question is to convert cumulative number to relative.

0-2 29
2-5 17
6-8 8
9-11 4
12-14 2

It is clear from here that the asnwer should be 46
octavianus Convert to absolute frequency for clarity, not relative frequency (which is in percentage form).
Yurik74 surob - thanks, good approach
Majumba Is this correct?The answer should have been 31
sharky7 awesome surob
dquang225 If you look at the chart, you will find that the total amount of occurrences equal 60. Therefore, the answer will be definitely <= 60. Hence A. No calculation needed.
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