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Which of the following statements is (are) true with respect to the steps that are undertaken under the temporal method?

I. The balance sheet has to be remeasured first before the income statement can be remeasured.
II. All nonmonetary items on the balance sheet are remeasured using the current exchange rates.
III. The average exchange rate throughout the reporting period must be used in order to remeasure sales and expense items.
IV. Depreciation is remeasured using the exchange rate that existed at the beginning of the reporting period.
Correct Answer: I and III

II is incorrect because all nonmonetary items on the balance sheet have to be remeasured using historical exchange rates.

IV is incorrect because depreciation is remeasured using the historical exchange rate that existed at the time the asset was acquired.

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creativemny I do not agree. The word "must" in III makes it incorrect. The exchange rate on the date of the transaction should be used if transactions do not flow evenly throughout the year.
AusPhD I see your point, but in reality this assumption would be made.
dblueroom I have no prob with avg rate, however, expense shouldn't include those associated with nonmonetary accounts, such as depr. isn't it also an expense account? cost of good sold -historical rate as well.
mahart dblueroom: COGS is NOT an expense account. Examples of expenses are like commissions, admin expense, etc.
rhardin And depreciation EXPENSE, which would be remeasured at historical rate. So the word "must" makes III incorrect.
charlie depreciation is a cost, not an expense.
davidt876 lol @ charlie.. m8.. wot?

mahart you are completely wrong. check google for clarification that COGS is most certainly considered an expense.

rhardin i think you're right, and the use of 'must' in III, and the general reference to all "expense items" makes it false.
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