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When a newspaper lists the rankings of college football teams, these rankings are what level of measurement?

A. nominal
B. ordinal
C. ratio
Correct Answer: B

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bwbarksdale don't be confused by interval...we can't say that the strength of the #1 ranked team vs #2 ranked team is the same as the strength of the #50 team over the #51 team.
bobert I understand that, but my question is that rank is generally determined by wins and losses. Wouldn't that make it interval?
Meka76 The key word is "RANK"; we already know that ordinal is associated with ranking. We are asked "...the rankings are what level of measurement?" not what are the wins or losses for the teams.
jlevee Bobert, no it is not. Otherwise Auburn would've been the national champion in 2003 when they went undefeated...instead they finished #2 in the polls.
Shaan23 jlevee...thats hilarious....and true
daxian610 Roll Tide
zeanww I am bored. Let's have some fun!
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