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Filer Brother Imports, Inc. purchased a new conveyor belt system for ($40,000 to use in its warehouse). The company uses double-declining balance (DDB) depreciation. The conveyor system has an estimated life of five years and a salvage value of five percent or $1,500. What is the depreciation expense on the conveyor belt system in the second year of its estimated life?

A. $6,400
B. $9,240
C. $9,600
Correct Answer: C

The computation is $24,000 book value at the beginning of year 2 x 40% = $9,600. The $24,000 book value equals $40,000 - (40% x $40,000). Salvage is not used.

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stranger In double declining method we do not consider the salvage value and the expected life being 5 years the rate of depn becomes 2*(100/5) i.e. depn yr 1 is $40,000 * 0.40 = $16,000 depn yr 2 is $24,000 * 0.40 = $9,600
kalps Yes you do need to be aware of the salvage value as the amount of depreciation charged in the year cannot surpass the or eat into the salvage value so do not ignore it altogether old boy.
vincenthuang rate = 2/n= .4
rainatt (2/N)book value of beginning of the year.
beginning book value of year 2=40,000*(1-40%)=24,000,
katybo yr 1 : 2/5 * (40.000-0) = 16.000
yr 2 : 2/5 * (40.000-16.000) = 9.600
thekapila on BA11
2nd DEPR
2nd SET DBX: 200
cong Depreciation rate of the double-declining rate = 2 * depreciation rate for the straight-line method.
shiva5555 Thank you calculator.
fmhp NO SALVAGE VALUE for double declining method!
quanttrader DDD(2) = (2/n) x BV(0)(1-2/n)
moneyguy katybo has it! One minute calculation. Save 30 seconds for something else. Thanks!
jonan203 HP12C

40,000 <enter><enter>
2 <enter>
5 <divide><times><minus>
.40 <times>
Shaan23 I like to thank all you guys who cause the pass rate to be lower due to your excessive need to use the calculator and not understand logic.
Inaganti6 @Shaan23 whether someone else passes or not has no bearing on your business as it's not a curved exam. Mind your business.
khalifa92 double decline method

2/estimated life = depreciation %
here its 2/5=0.4 thus reducing 0.4 of BV each year.
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