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Watson wants to forecast FCFE of Alcan, Inc for the year of 2005. The sales amount of Alcan is $100 million in 2004. After careful research and evaluation, he expects

  • sales growth rate to be 30% for 2005.
  • net income margin to be 25% for 2005.
  • the company to finance incremental fixed and working capital investments with 60% debt - the target debt ratio.
  • incremental FC (investment in FC - Depreciation) to be 40% of sales increase.
  • incremental WC to be 30% of sales increase.

What is the expected FCFE?
A. $11.9 million.
B. -$1.1 million.
C. $24.1 million.

FCFE = NI - (FCInv - Dep) - WCInc + Net borrowing

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danlan2 FCFE

Since NI=Sales * profit margin, WC and FC are proportional to sales change, and debt ratio for them is 0.6

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