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SportsTrader began operations on January 1, 2011. It has been using FIFO since then for inventory accounting. The following stock record card for footballs was taken from the records at the end of the year.

  • 01/01 Beginning inventory 10 units, at $20 each, total $200
  • 05/09 30 footballs purchased, at $22 each, total $660
  • 08/08 15 footballs purchased, at $25 each, total $375
  • 12/31 Ending inventory: 25 footballs

What is the COGS for the year?

A. $530
B. $640
C. $595
Correct Answer: B

10 x $20 + 20 x $22 = $640

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ashok1959 why answer is not c?
thud because $595 is the value of the ending inventory. COGS = beginning + purchases - ending.
teddajr Nice Qns.. Need to be alert.
mirfanrana can anybody explain this answer its not clear to me.why we took 30 number of items because ending inventory is 25.
julescruis The question asks for COGS not inventory valuation. Since FIFO assumes you sell oldest inventory first, COGS is calculated using price of oldest inventory
dbadidas8 For FIFO:
-First purchase= 30 Items.
Allocate costs to BI (10) + remaining items (20).
tiamiyu DBADIDAS8,
dravinskis 10 footballs to begin with plus 45 footballs purchased minus 25 footballs remaining equals 30 footballs sold. COGS is 10 from BI(X$20)+ 20 purchased (X$22) = $640
Oarona dravinskis:You explained it very well. thanks
rocyang Could real exam questions be like this little prick? :\
george1803 Key trick is to calculate the COGS before hand
daverco You first have to calculate units sold: Ending inventory = Beginning inventory + Purchases - Units sold => 25 = 10 + 45 - Units sold => Units sold = 30
THEN you can calculate COGS by applying FIFO logic (earliest costs first) as shown in the answer.
Thorne91 $640=-(15*$25+10*$22)+$375+$660+$200. This equation is just how i visualize it in my head. My question is more or less am I right in this equation or just lucky ?!
choas69 why all this thorne just pick up first 30 balls and multipli them by their price and finish FIRST IN FIRST OUT
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