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The Gordon Growth Model assumes that ______

I. each future dividend is (1+g) greater than the prior one.
II. the discount rate is greater than the growth rate.
III. the growth rate increases over time.
Correct Answer: I and II

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danlan The growth rate is constant.
valeris AS far as I goes, I'd say the correct answer is 'dividend is g greater than previous'.
garethdav is this gordon's growth model?
TheHTrader I guess "(1+g)" implies the multiplier to get the next dividend.
Vikku You are right TheHTrader.
bundy Growth rate constant
thecfaguy Isn't answer choice II an assumption of the infinite period DDM ?
2014 Page number 282 for assumtions of Gorden Model: same words used in notes:

"The dividend growth rate is strictly less than required rate of return"

Second option is correct hence

Required rate of return is constant overtime
Dividend growth is forever, perpetual, never changes
edushyant II is correct assumption, coz if the discount rate (ke) is not greater than growth rate(gc) then model breaks down as denominator will be negative!
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