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If a list of weights for each child in a class was written down, "weight" would be a ______.

A. population
B. sample
C. variable
Correct Answer: C

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Arron Why not A? :(
Rozase "Weight" is just a symbol. It can be anything..
sdutt2475 Here population is the class.
Carter "Weight" depends on what child we are measuring. If it was Kip, he is 100 lbs. But, Sally is 85 lbs.

If what characteristic we measure depends on what item we measure, then it is a variable.
RichWang "weights" (the whole list) is the population. "weight" (the header of the list) is the variable.
surob Tricky one
cp24 Shouldn't it be a parameter, as it is a characteristic of a population?
rufi nooo. coze the numerical values are all together are population, but weight is just one variable in this case
Nuta Agree with rufi. If the question is "How could you name all the values that written down on the list", the answer will be "Population". But the question is more precise (Read between the lines: What does "weight" mean for this population.)
So, you can choose only "variable".
rethan What is the distinction between variable and data?
Laurier Variable is the thing that is being measured (weight, height, age, etc.) A datum is an individual measurement (110lbs, 5'8", 12, etc.) Data is several datum points (a collection of the actual measurements).
Yrazzaq88 Weight in this particular question, is the subject matter, hence it is the variable. Read the question :-)
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