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Daniel enrolled in the CFA program three years ago. He passed the Level I exam one year later, and since then he has not found time to prepare for the Level II exam. Recently he phoned CFA Institute about his status, and was told that he is still enrolled in the program. Can he state in his company's written promotional material that he is a CFA candidate?
Correct Answer: No

Even though he is still enrolled, he is not a CFA candidate since he is not registered to take the next scheduled exam. However, he may state that he has passed the CFA Level I exam.

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danlan Enrollment and registration are different.
bananabun2 Tricky
stevelaz To be a candidate you must be scheduled/booked to take an exam or have taken one and awaiting results.
jmcarr02 Stating that you have passed Level 1 is equvalent to a partial designation which violates the Standard 7.
student111 1. suppose some1 is registering to take exam first time in June 2011, can he write he is "CFA Level 1 Candidate" now ???
CFA1Dec11 Student111 : I think if we use CFA Level 1 Candidate after the name like : Tom Cruise, CFA Level 1 Candidate... it implies the partial designation.

A statement is right when we say Tom Cruise is CFA Level 1 Candidate (Only is Tom has registered and is scheduled to appear in Level 1 exam in the coming June/Dec)
viruss No I think it's OK to say that you passed the CFA Level I exam (e.g. in your Résumé) but what you can't do its promote that you are CFA Level I ...
nabilhjeily so basicly no one knows if he can or cant say if he passed level 1 exam ..guys come on
johntan1979 nabilhjeily: Read the explanation in the answer, read the notes, read the textbook.

Answer is very clear.
marianne1 he can not mention it is a cfa candidate due to the fact at present it is not enrolled in program for cfa level ii
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