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Which stock market index is the most comprehensive market measure?

A. S&P 500 Index
B. Value Line Average
C. Dow Jones Composite Average
D. Dow Jones Industrial Average
E. Wilshire Equity Index
Correct Answer: E

The Wilshire 5,000 Equity Index is a stock market measure comprising 5,000 equity securities. It includes all New York Stock Exchange and American Stock Exchange issues and the most active over-the-counter issues. The index represents the total dollar value of all 5,000 stocks. By measuring total dollar value, it is, in effect, a value-weighted measure.

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farhan92 you learn something new everyday.
Inaganti6 Who cares about what you learn . We're financial analysts. The billion dollar question is can you make a buck with it.
EEEEvia not only 5000 included
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