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Which yield measure is the rate of return required by investors given the risk of the investment in a bond?
A. Market discount rate
B. Yield-to-maturity
C. Spot rate
Explanation: The market discount rate can be used to calculate the present value of cash flows of a bond. It is different from yield to maturity, which is the promised rate of return.

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xboxt Can somebody explain this??
davidt876 I'm with you xboxt. the market discount rate is a market-wide assessment of risk, whereas the yield-to-maturity take into account the specific bond's risk.

Eg: Firm A is under-performing and investors price this into the risk of the firm's bonds, pricing them at discount. So yield-to-maturity has increased, and discount rate remains unchanged.
myron I think the market discount rate is vague here, the market discount rate of the bond is more appropriate. Anyway, yield-to-maturity is definitely wrong as explained by the answer: it assumes investors hold the bond to maturity, and can re-invest coupons at that rate, which is too ideal.
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