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If thirty students listed the distance that they drive to school, this data would be what level of measurement?

A. ordinal
B. interval
C. ratio
Correct Answer: C

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Khadria Can't be ratio because there is NO absoulte 0 (distance has to be >0)...

I think Ratio has to be seen from the angle whether or not the ration among the numbers is meaningful or not. Hence in this case, ratio is correct.
bobert There are proper intervals (1 mi.) and someone could technically live on campus which would make it 0 miles driven. Also, to further clarify, someone who drives 5 miles is only half the distance of someone who drives 10 mi. There is no multiplication/ division for interval measurements, only ratio.
danrow I am confused between the difference between ratio and interval. In this case, shouldn't be interval? I mean, there is no true zero!
chamad the question is excluding walking people and those going by bus, etc. So zero value is possible hence ratio is correct
Bobokoko why do they ask you to make these ridiculous inferences about the question?? These aren't critical thinking questions, right??
johntan1979 Tricky one... :(
johntan1979 But have to agree it DEFINITELY is not interval, whether people drive or not, because only with ratio, you can say "I drove TWICE the distance he/she drove to school."

You can't say that with interval.
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