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Which of the following managers have a direct influence on a firm's accounts payable balance?

I. Credit manager
II. Production manager
III. Payables manager
IV. Controller
Correct Answer: II, III, and IV

The credit manager deals with accounts receivable only.

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Sumit14 what is the role of a controller?

Investopdia says
Controller -
In most organizations the controller is the top managerial and financial accountant. The controller supervises the accounting department and assists management in interpreting and utilizing managerial accounting information.

cong control freak, hence the top level.
johntan1979 It can also be spelled comptroller.
gill15 And I know its simple...I just like knowing what section and everything belongs
reccy Production manager influences because he can increase/decrease purchase levels, since he needs those for production.

Payables & controller decide when to payoff the purchases made by production
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