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What is the principal distinction between a discrete and continuous random variable? Give an example of each.
Correct Answer: A discrete random variable can assume a countable number of values, while a continuous random variable can assume an infinite number of values.

Examples of a discrete random variable:
  • the number of heads obtained when a coin is flipped three times.
  • the number that turns up when a die is rolled.
  • the number of people waiting in line at a movie theater
Examples of a continuous random variable:
  • the height of a person.
  • the amount of rainfall.
  • time required to run a mile.

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cleopatraliao no.of quarterbacks+the age of quarterbacks...
lordcomas The number of states in a country; the amount of money that there is in a bank
DustinErik lol cleopatraliao
ashish100 lol
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