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Which approach is correct?
A. This is computationally inefficient. We should just pick a default set of hyperparameters and live with them to save resources.
B. Doing many rounds of this procedure might cause us to implicitly fit to the peculiarities of our specific test set.
C. We're training on training data and evaluating on separate, held-out test data.
Explanation: A is incorrect. Although these sorts of iterations are expensive, they are a critical part of model development. Hyperparameter settings can make an enormous difference in model quality, and we should always budget some amount of time and computational resources to ensure we're getting the best quality we can.

B is correct. The more often we evaluate on a given test set, the more we are at risk for implicitly overfitting to that one test set.

C is incorrect. Think about what might happen if we did many, many iterations of this form.

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