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Which item is included in comprehensive income?

I. Unrealized gains/losses from held-to-maturity securities
II. Unrealized gains/losses from trading securities
III. Unrealized gains/losses from available-for-sale securities
A. I
C. II and III
Explanation: II is included in net income so it is also included in comprehensive income, as net income is part of comprehensive income. III is only included in comprehensive income.

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paolino9290 tricky question....
dblueroom sticky... on exam day I would only choose III however
malawyer good one
yxten1 income is also part of comprehensive income
boddunah comprehensive income = NI + OCI.expect this kinda question on the exam.very good one.i knew unrealised gains/losses from trading securities are included in income statement. still made mistake . did not read carefully. i assumed Other Comprehensive Income and chose B as answer.
Thecatz89 tricky
gill15 I thought I knew all this stuff but nope. This exam is ALL about doing questions..
harpalani How about unrealised gains/losses on held-to-maturity investments?
czar held to maturity securities are held at cost till no unrealised g/l is recognised in the interim
dream007 is this exam a game??
jjhigdon Yes, a game that you win or lose based on your understanding of the material.
oshunt Cersei Lannister: When you play the game of CFA you Pass or you Fail
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