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A firm made donations of $50,000 this year. The donations were expensed for financial reporting purposes but are not allowed to be expensed for tax purposes. The tax base and carrying amount of this item are ______.
A. $0 | $0
B. $50,000 | $0
C. $0 | $50,000
Explanation: Since the amount was expensed, the carrying amount is $0. The tax base of the donations is also $0, since the donations are not tax deductible. Notice this represents a permanent difference, which will not be reversed in future.

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jpducros Since the donation is not tax deductible, shouldn't the tax base be 50 000 ?
davido jpducros: the donation is tax deductible for financial reporting purpose but not for tax reporting purpose. That's the difference.
teje tax base of liab. = carrying amt. - future deductible amt. = 0 - 0 = 0

Remember the donation is expensed immediately, therefore no carrying value!
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