CFA Practice Question

CFA Practice Question

A portfolio starts the first quarter with a beginning value of $100 million. It then has the following inflows/outflows, and ending values (all $ millions). Note that ending value for a quarter is the beginning value for the subsequent quarter.

Quarter | Inflow at Beginning of Period | Ending Value
1 | 0 | 109.8
2 | 2.5 | 110.3
3 | 5.7 | 102.3
4 | 5 | 107.2

What is the money-weighted return?
A. 1.1799%
B. 1.3199%
C. 1.2499%
Explanation: Money-weighted return is the IRR. You have to use your calculator, input the cash flows and find the IRR.

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dipu617 How to put this into Texas Instrument BAII Plus?
moneyguy Geeeez, Analyst Notes! You guys could still provide us with detailed explanations, such as BAii input instructions.
jjhigdon I feel like I do (or should) know how to do this but am also confused. I entered -100 as CF0 (initial investment). Cash inflows in entered as negative (since I presume cash inflows means additional investments) and since each on is made at the beginning, inflow at period 2 is CF1, inflow period 3 is CF2, and so forth. Finally, 107.2 is positive at CF4. I get -1.44%. This makes intuitive sense to me since as I understand it, you make a 100m initial investment, invest another 13.2 over the course of the 4 years and end with 107.2m (less than the total 113.2 invested). What am I missing?
michaeloa3 Anyone figure out how they got the answwer? I can't figure this one out.
michaeloa3 Text says $100M at start of quarter, then table says the inflow is $0???
charliedba @michaeloa3: they had 100 at the beginning, but the inflow was 0 for that period, thus 0.
GBolt93 Don't see any way that the return is 1.3199%
sakshishah Analyst Notes, please provide detailed explanation for this question.
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