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Which of the following elements of the Code encourages use of independent professional judgment?

A. Professionalism
B. Competence
C. Reasonable Care
Correct Answer: C

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kalps Got this wrong, independent professional judgement is encouraged by the 'Reasonable Care' code of conduct
lzz326 i took b and got wrong
sharon I took b as well.
cdc73 I took A; i understood indipendece in judgement like moral approach so i thought A the right answer.
charlie888 I looked it up in the Bible, God said it was C.
Haiqing A is not correct. "professinal" means having or showing great skill.and also can be seem expert. this word is foreign to "independent".
bghaendler An, why C? I think that the correct answer is A, so, it's ambiguous?
Bun121 Quite hard this one, couldn't be sure at first. But "judgement" often need to be used in areas where there is no clear cut answer/standard practice so C - reasonable care
mtcfa There's no tricks here. read the code verbatim, and the area that addresses reasonable care specifically mentions independent professional judgement.
biya it was obvious that the exercing reasonable care one has to exercise profeswsional judgment
kit8 This question definitely is a trap in the exam. So becare guys
naldo318 I agree. I chose A as well.
danlan2 Read "reasonable care" again.
ruth i'm correct 'cuz key word reasonable care
Swetha Like Ruth, I picked C because of the word reasonable care. But I agree, it is an ambiguous question.
patho wow!! I went for B but got it wrong
sergashev A would be correct if it asked as an element of Standard.
jainrajeshv Member and Candidate must use reasonable care and judgement to achieve and maintain independence and objectivity.
TammTamm The first time I reviewed these questions I answered A but now since I'm reviewing again I know the answer is C. (reasonable care)
Shalva Well that's interesting question, one should really learn the Code statements to answer correctly
kforcfa so independent professional judjement can be achieved only if you execise reasonable care
geok easy but tricky
razintaz got it right! nvr compare options..! it inspires only doubt!
sbmutasa the keyword is 'element' so know that A is a standard
bantoo I put A and got wrong. This is tricky and subjective. When you take reasonable care in any investment action you must take independent professional judgment. Understand it reverse when your actions are not independent can you take professional judgment neither you can take reasonable care.
gulfa99 guys this one is easy too..
gill15 its not easy...its just straight memorization...they really want you to memorize this section..
japheth To me, I got the correct answer at first instance- C. It is there in the code of ethics.
DariSH It's not A. because PROFESSIONALISM is a part of standards, not code.
It's C, because reasonable care and judgement ALWAYS go hand in hand everywhere in the ethics material.
Here's also a tip: when it starts with a noun - it's a standard. When it starts with a verb, as in "use of independent professional judgement" - it's a code.
joeclark 3rd bullet - use reasonable care and exercise independent professional judgment
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