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If two six-sided dice are rolled once, what is the probability of rolling doubles (same number on each die) and a sum of six?

A. 0.278
B. 0.250
C. 0.028
Correct Answer: C

That is, to get 3 and 3! (1/6) x (1/6) = 0.0277

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vincenthuang should be .0277*2=.0556, coz there are two 3x3
cfaman No vincent. The probability of getting 3 in the first dice is 1/6, so is the second one. Therefore the joint probability is 1/6 x 1/6.
katybo 6*1/6*1/6 (11 22 33 44 55 66)
noonah Vincent reasoning would be correct if the dice were rolled twice.
Yooo Vincent, I own a casino. Stop by any time.
jwebbs all i know is there's 36 different combinations, and only 1 rolls a double and equals 6. 1/36=.027777
soarer1 Common sense would indicate 0.028 too.
alyl21 This is more common sense than anything.
1) to get sum of 6, here are the combis
5,1| 2,4| 3,3| 4,2| 1,5
Here are 5 pairs, of these 5 pairs, only one pair are doubles, that is 3,3
this is one possibility of out 36 different results from 2 throws of a 6 faced die.
1/36 is the answer
daxian610 alyl21- Nice !
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