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The following information is available about a company ($ millions):

Year ended 31 December | 2016 | 2015
Sales | 322.8 | 320.1
Net income | 27.2 | 26.8
Cash flow from operations | 15.3 | 38.1

During 2016 the company most likely decreased the ______.
A. proportion of sales made on a cash basis
B. inventory, anticipating lower demand for its products in 2017
C. proportion of interest-bearing debt relative to trade accounts payable
Explanation: Sales, net income, and net margin are relatively constant for the two years. The substantial drop in cash flow from operations could be attributed to an increase in receivables and/or inventory. A decrease in the proportion of cash sales implies an increase in the proportion of credit sales, increasing accounts receivable. An increase in accounts receivable would decrease cash flow from operations.

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weebe How do we know net margin is constant ?
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