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Technicians believe that which of the following efficient market hypotheses are true?

A. Weak form
B. Semi-strong form
C. Strong form
Correct Answer: None of the above

The weak form of the EMH says that you cannot outperform the market using historical price patterns since prices are independent. Technicians do not believe this or any stronger form of the EMH.

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IvanTG D. None of the above. ;-)
johntan1979 This is an unfair question that should have been structured as I, II and III, not A, B and C where the answer is not even any of those 3 :(
Bududeen testing whether u really know your "shit"
leon121 D was not an option.
ashish100 this is session 13 and johntan is finally complaining about the answer not being one of the options.......
khalifa92 so you can exploit in any form of market efficiency that's what you're telling me?
khalifa92 think about it logically technicians work is all based on historical data which means they believe the market is inefficient.
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