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If you listed your religious preference on a questionnaire, this would be what level of data?

A. nominal
B. ordinal
C. interval
Correct Answer: A

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rvvo You are applying rank..why is it not Ordinal?
TammTamm I missed this one also but I think after further observation, listing your specific religion is not adding rank so it's nominal.
Ioannis The correct answer should be ordinal, because being Greek Orthodox sucks so bad compared to being a normal religion. Are we having ban yet?
pamela Its nominal as the observation is made with no particular order, and no quantitative information is conveyed.

If one were choosing between religions and expressing them in order of preference then it would be ordinal
pamela By that i mean, if say you were to rank religions on a scale of 1-5 = ordinal.

However simply stating what religion you belong to = nominal
jlevee You're not applying rank - you're indicating which religion you identify with (i.e. Judaism, Catholicism, Islam, etc.). You're not ranking them in any way.
8thlegend I am starting to see where a lot of people lose points in the CFA exam
joywind notes wonderland ~ haha
2014 U cannot rank world religions. Discriminative
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