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Select the unique motives for international mergers.

I. Diversification.
II. Technology transfer.
III. Develop new sources of raw materials.
IV. Following clients.
A. II, III and IV
B. II and IV
C. I, II, III and IV
Explanation: I and III are motives for domestic mergers as well.

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tim2 And technology transfer and following clients does not happen domestically?
Dieckmann according to the textbook II and IV are for cross-broader mergers only.
somk so, cross states in the USA or regions in China is domestic, and between singapore and HK is international? it's always easier to understand than to memories. in this case, understanding is difficult
kamcooler How is technology transfer not also a motive for domestic mergers?
harrybay In the broader scheme of things I think domestic technology transfers can happen simply by hiring specialized labor whereas in some countries this specific skilled labor might just be unavailable so an acquisition has to be made.
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