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Suppose you are taking a class in which your final grade is figured as follows: 50% from your test mean, 25% from your final exam score, 15% from your quiz mean, and 10% from your homework grade. If your grades are 80 (test mean), 88 (final exam), 75 (quiz mean), and 98 (homework), what is the weighted mean of your scores?

A. 84.72
B. 80.33
C. 83.05
Correct Answer: C

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Sandy69 WAvg = 80*50/100 + 88*25/100 + 75 *15/100 + 98*10/100
JakeZ I do this ALL the time!
Creep Is there an easy way to compute this on the HP12C? Thanks in advance!
Ktrain Yeah, who hasn't worked this out in school :D
johntan1979 Easiest way to compute on the HP12C:

throw calculator into trash bin
adamjl97 lol
sshetty2 I'm getting 82.65..?? anyone else?
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