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A financial analyst drinks during lunchtime every day and is intoxicated at work after that. This behavior constitutes a violation of Standard I (D). True or False?
Correct Answer: True

This conduct reflects poorly on the analyst's professionalism and competence.

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noonah Are we also supposed to remember which standard is violated, or do we assume the right one is given in the question?
gomumia we all are supposed to remember which standard is violated so you'd better learn them by heart
Slothrop Yes, we are supposed to remember all the numbering/lettering of the subparts of the standards.
SkinsFan So if he is not intoxicated he has not violated the standard?
eb2568 If he is getting drunk during lunchtime everday, he has a bigger problem than worrying about his standard 1D violation.
Yurik74 eb2568! - great remark!!!
Shalva Time to see a doctor, yep...
ljamieson What if you work in London?
Bretton If in London, I assume it isn't applicable
ciji In London tougher standards dont apply ?
loisliu88 why, what happened in London?
michlam14 very funny people.
johntan1979 I(D) is the easiest to memorize...

D for drunk ;)
Shaan23 I thought alcoholism was a disease. Can we impose a violation on a person for having a disease?

Mostly joking...relax...haha...
applelee In London everyone drinks during lunchtime and drunk in the afternoon lol
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