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Which of the following linked products is an example of substitute goods?

A. Tires, automobiles
B. Fruit juice, soft drinks
C. Compact discs, record players
D. Cigarettes, beer
Correct Answer: B

Fruit juice and soft drinks are substitute goods while the others are complementary goods.

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Nathan C is not a pair of complementary goods. Compact discs and record players aren't compatible. They have weak substition relationship.
gill15 Agree with Nathan. Also dont think beer and smokes are compliments unless its a given your a smoker already.
I dont smoke so regardless of how cheap beer gets(Free) im not going to smoke. If I were paid I would smoke them though. What's that relationship?
jejasin Yeah I thought it was C
Shaan23 Gill. Thats hilarious.

That relationship is called poorism.
812hanna Cigarettes and beer are totally substitutes if you live a stressful life and need one or the other to get away from it!
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