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An automatic machine inserts mixed vegetables into a plastic bag. Past experience revealed that some packages were underweight and some were overweight, but most had satisfactory weights.

Weight: % of Total
Underweight: 2.5
Satisfactory: 90.0
Overweight: 7.5

Three packages are selected from the food processing line.

What is the probability of selecting and finding that all three of them are satisfactory?
A. 0.729
B. 0.810
C. 0.075
Explanation: P(all three satisfactory) = 0.9*0.9*0.9 = 0.729.

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Lamkerst (90/100)(89/99)(88/98)=0.729
Yurik74 Lamkerst, I am afraid your solution is valid only if we have 100 packages, but it's not indicated here!!!
sh21 I missed it! :( So simple!
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