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Management's analysis of the past year is found in ______.
A. Form 10-K.
B. the annual report
C. Both of these documents
Explanation: Management's analysis of the past year is found in the company's annual report. However, since the annual report must be filed with the SEC on Form 10-K, management's analysis can also be found in the 10-K. Answer C is correct.

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pochuevalex i'm not a US citizen and employee, why should i know US legislation???
pool Then don't take a US-based exam.
anneki haha.... good one pool
azramirza agree this is us based but it's global in nature and such question are biased in allowing a chance of an extra mark to us students...that's unfair....
shiva5555 get serious, I am a US citizen so why do I have to learn the global crap? Because its useful to know both. If you want to work in finance you need to be committed quit your whining.
simonbenfrech I can't wait to take chinese-based exam,it would probably be a little more global ...
agenga this great i now know
tijean25 Stop complaining. If you can't stand the heat then get out of the kitchen
leon121 nice @tijean25
rkeck91 I'm a US citizen but I still have to learn IFRS. If you don't like it, I'm sure there's some certification specific to your country that would be more relevant to you.
farhan92 you can't really compare a 10-k form to IFRS...if the question was about docs required by the Luxembourg authorities the "non-complainers" would by having a fit too.
sevywonder I work at an American fund company and the homework I've done on MiFID and PRIIPS has been a huge benefit. You'll never know when knowing global regs etc. will help you get ahead.

It's also not a great look to pile on someone for asking a goofy question... c'mon folks
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