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To help gain a better understanding of the relationship between the return on the common stocks of small companies and the return on the S&P 500 Index, you run a simple linear regression to quantify this relationship, using the monthly return on small stocks as the dependent variable and the monthly return on the S & P 500 as the independent variable. The results of the regression are shown below:

The t-statistic critical level at the 0.01 level is 2.66
Residual Standard Error is 19.85
Correlation coefficient is 0.7740
F-value = 101.465 on 1,730 degrees of freedom.
The percent of the variation in the return on the dependent variable (return on small stocks) explained by the return on the independent variable (return on the S & P 500 ) for the period under study was:
A. 10.07 percent.
B. 59.91 percent.
C. 77.40 percent.
Explanation: Coefficient of determination = (correlation coefficient)2
R2= 0.7742

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dimanyc I loved that question because this is exactly how they will try to screw you over at the exam - by giving you 100 data points from which you only need to use 1.
Tomas Thats the way to test whether you understand the problem...
adamrej Indeed, all you need is r.

On a separate note, I think the F-value given is incorrect. There's a relationship between F-value and R^2:

F= R^2/(1-R^2) * (n-k-1)/k

and it does not hold here
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