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Standard IV (A) requires members and candidates to ______.

I. place employer interests ahead of personal interest in all matters
II. subordinate important personal and family obligations to their work
Correct Answer: Neither of these statements is true.

Members and candidates should talk to their employers about balancing personal and employment obligations.

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saltnvinegar good ques!
BMurphy II. is only true if you're an investment banker.
alyl21 I) In all matters - This is too absolute
II)This is ridiculous
epiziL2 The key word in I is ALL,you may be striking a reasonble balance between personal interest and employer but, come on, not everything is place behind employers interest!!!
kforcfa both are true but none admits.
JakeZ hahaha
johntan1979 Yup, unfortunately.

Anyone not submitting to I and II will be by-passed in the next promotion period.

I should add III: Learn to lick your bosses shoes
ldfrench II is true for those studying for the CFA exams
marianne1 In all matters - to aboslute
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