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Robert Haley has "CFA Level II" on his business cards. He has passed the Level II examination and is registered for the Level III examination to be given next June.
A. He has violated the Standards because the designation "CFA" is not allowed on business cards.
B. He has violated the Standards because he is only a CFA candidate.
C. He has not violated the Standards.

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susu what should harley show after having passed all levls and has no experience
MonkeySee Nothing. You have to be rewareded the charter to use the CFA designation.

It is a binary operation. You either have it or you don't.
gyee2012 I think the assumption is...
By stating CFA Level ll you are indicating to a non investor you have reached the highest level...

Instead you need to state " Level ll Candidate in the CFA Program " or "Passed Level II of the CFA examination 20XX"
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