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Which practice(s) is (are) price discrimination?

I. Meals in New York City cost more than meals in a small town.
II. Airline tickets are extremely expensive if you purchase them at the last minute.
Correct Answer: II

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aakash1108 II is Price discrimanation. The customer coming at the last minute is different from the customer coming a week before the flight.
endlessyy But 1. could be differentiated from the customers in New York and the ones in Small town? Why it is incorrect?
granbois about 1: that's because the costs are different so the prices are different. For 2, the cost is the same for all customers.
kumru 1st is not wrong! this is price discrimination under third degree! given in notes,
myron I is not a clear cut. Normally it's the supply and demand that determines the price. If it's from the same supplier, and costs are the same (which is unlikely), then it is a price discrimination.
chen511 Thanks for explaining.
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