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Dmitry has often added inappropriate expenses to expense reports over an extended period. He has never been criminally convicted. Does this behavior adhere to Standard I (D)?
Correct Answer: No

Although this is not a criminal activity, Dmitry has violated Standard I (D) because he is engaged in intentional dishonest conduct.

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sanyukta deceit!!!
mountaingoat he should consult Gov. Spitzer.
TammTamm If the analyst has to ask if it's misconduct, it probably is.
ManuB You mean I cant expense the ferrari rental for sat night?
Yurik74 ManuB: Porshe - yes, ferrari - no
magicchip He is a Liberal!
cong I don't see what is wrong with that.
viruss Goch ... Apparently almost all the freelancer from my country are in violation with I(D) :)
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