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A company's $100 par perpetual preferred stock has a dividend rate of 7 percent and a required rate of return of 11 percent. The company's earnings are expected to grow at a constant rate of 3 percent per year. If the market price per share for the preferred stock is $75, the preferred stock is most appropriately described as being ______.
A. undervalued by $14.13
B. undervalued by $18.18
C. overvalued by $11.36
Explanation: Value of perpetual preferred stock = Dividend / Investor's required rate of return

$7/ 0.11 = $63.64

The stock is overvalued by $75.00 - 63.64 = $11.36.

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satabbas Why do you not subtract the 3% growth rate?
ascruggs92 The preferred stock dividend of 7% is based on the par value of the share, $100. Because the par value does not change, the dividend payment does not change either. The 3% is just thrown in their to trick you
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