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Technical analysis has the following advantage over fundamental analysis ______.

I. easier timing
II. no reliance on accounting statements
III. no need to process information ahead of other investors
Correct Answer: I, II and III

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danlan III?
tanyak what does easier timing exactly mean??
Nightsurfer They don't have to react immediatly to new information. Technical analysts can wait for a trend to emerge and then jump on.
chamad can somone explain III! Thanks
sanyukta well they believe price will adjust slowly and there is always some info coming all the time...the key wud be to indicate when the price is due to move significantly, they wait for the move to start, and then hit
hmm hope i make sense
viannie check out the curriculum graph where they show the trend bit ... they see when the stock prices keeps going upwards/downwards and make the decision to jump on/off respectively.
johntan1979 Market timing
gill15 Advantage is not relying on accounting statements. So the advantage is that they use less information.
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