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The order in which non-recurring items appear on an income statement is:

A. Unusual or infrequent items, accounting changes, discontinued operations.
B. accounting changes, discontinued operations, unusual or infrequent items.
C. discontinued operations, unusual or infrequent items, accounting changes.
Correct Answer: C

Non-recurring items should appear on the income statement in the following order: unusual or infrequent items, discontinued operations, accounting changes.

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DaBlasta Use acronym 'IDEA'
I- Income from continuing
D- Discontinued
E- Extra ordn
A- Accn chngs
kutta2102 good one!
larc4eva Thanks DaBlasta!
meghanchloe i love this! Thanks DaBlasta
bujjipapa great.. easy to remember
brahmareddy Thanks .. nice idea
dipu617 Thanks DaBlasta. :-)
ppboi16 Wow... IDEA.. Beautiful, Thanks!
jonan203 IDEA, awesome

keep em coming guys!
farhan92 IDEA is great!! - who is this Einstien equivalent genius that conjured up such epicness
Inaganti6 @farhan92 Hey Einstein, it's Einstein.
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