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Which of the following constraints would most likely appear in the unique needs and preferences section of a trust's investment policy statement? The portfolio is ______.

A. subject to the prudent-man standard
B. prohibited from investing in tobacco companies
C. prohibited from holding less than 5% in cash instruments
Correct Answer: B

Unique needs and preferences include the prohibition of certain investments. The investment constraints of liquidity, tax concerns, and legal and regulatory factors adequately address the portfolio's other constraints.

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amityadav Why not C?
Though it will be upto the PM but cant it be inlcuded in IPS for such preference as mentioned in C.
Olesya_CFA I thought so too but then this came to my mind: keeping more than 5% in cash could be a general requirement for many investment institutions. Nothing super unique about it. However tobacco is clearly something very specific for a certain type of investors. It's their personal preference. So the answer makes sense to me.
khalifa92 "unique"
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