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You are investigating whether the population variance of returns on the S&P 500 changed subsequent to September 11, 2001. You gather data for 20 months before and after September 11.

n | Mean Monthly Return | Standard Deviation | Variance
Before September 11: 20 | 2.987 | 6.987 | 48.818
After September 11: 20 | 2.435 | 4.987 | 24.870

At the 0.01 level of significance, ______
A. we reject the null hypothesis.
B. the critical value is 1.962.
C. we fail to reject the null hypothesis.
Explanation: At the 0.01 level of significance, F = 48.818/24.870 = 1.963.

We use F tables at the 0.005 level (0.01/2) and we have a value of 3.4. 1.963 is less than the critical value of 3.4, so we fail to reject the null hypothesis.

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Pooh F-test: equality of variance of two normal populations.
hellboy18 Sorry, Can someone tell me how we find the F-Table value of 3.4?
I am looking at these F-Tables:
homersimpson Hellboy18: make sure you are reading the 0.005 F-dist Table. Search the intersection "15-20" and "19". You will find 3.4
maria15 I like how all the names on the comments in here are all movie/tv characters lol
maria15 Can someone please explain how to get 3.4 from the F-table? Homersimpon's suggestion is not working for me. Thanks!
ColonelCFA I have found that by memorizing the lowest number on the "common" F-Table (2.62) I have been able to answer almost all of the F-Test questions.
birdperson df(19,19) significance level (0.005) = 3.4317
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