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The CFA Institute's Code of Ethics specifically addresses all of the following EXCEPT ______.

A. competence and independent judgment
B. integrity and respect
C. the importance of contractual obligations
Correct Answer: C

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cheena it is ethical to keep in mind the contractual obligations as well.why doesnt the code of ethics talk about it then?
Mimi why don't you give CFA Institute a call and ask?
Steven because sometimes contract obligation is in conflict with ethics.
Haiqing i think in this question: A B can find immediately in Code. and C i have't seen, so the answer must be C.
Arron Ethics should be above the contractual obligations
baple ethics has more sanctity in it. There could be contractual obligations which may not be ethical. Ethics refers to high standard of professional practise and execution
maverickcfa i agree with all the comments above
mngg in business ethics should be maintained but contractual obligations cannot be denied.
awuzie contratual obligations are relative
mpoki Ethics is moral principles or it is belief but contractual obligation is a responsibility
redders I think a little common sense goes a long way.
kshenoi a contractual obligation in business is defined by the parties involved allowing latitude in the way business is done, while ethics is universal.
Yugo Ethics above Contractual Obligation
jainrajeshv Contractual Obligation can ask for some unethical step, which should not motivated
magicchip Contractual obligations may or may not be ethical.
winniedpooh for me, contractual obligations is beyond the scope of the code of ethics because contractual obligations are govern by the the state law, therefore, may produce conflict between the two.
kforcfa so RESPECT is the part of ethical code
AUAU It's a typical Q for CFA.
johntan1979 My advice to all candidates: If you intend to finish the entire syllabus i.e. all 67 Readings, skip the comments section, especially if you got the answer right.

What you'll commonly see is "Why A?" "Why not B?" "Answer is wrong." "Can someone please explain?"

Trust me... it's a waste of time. Only look for useful comments when you got the answer wrong. Those are VERY HELPFUL. Otherwise, skip, skip, skip!
funny_val Guys, read the question. It's asking what the code SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSES. It does not ask you to analyze if contractual obligations should or shouldn't be included in the code, or if they are or aren't ethical. Read for detail. Does the code specifically address contractual obligations? No. That's your answer. Move on.
Inaganti6 @johntan1979. Will do. thank you so much.
cfastudypl johntan1979, very true, thanks.
yesitan @johntan1979 sometimes reading comments is fun, lol.
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